Raised Flooring

Premium Raised Flooring in Karachi

Dream Interior introduces Raised Flooring, a versatile and innovative solution that revolutionizes the way spaces are designed and utilized. Also known as access flooring or raised access flooring, this system consists of modular panels supported by an underlying grid structure, creating a raised surface above the original floor level. This innovative approach provides a concealed space underneath, allowing for the organized routing of utilities such as electrical wiring, data cables, and HVAC systems. Raised Flooring offers flexibility and adaptability, making it an ideal choice for commercial spaces, data centers, and office environments. We offer the best prices and most economical rates for our raised flooring in Karachi and across Pakistan.

One of the key advantages of Raised Flooring is its ability to create a functional and organized infrastructure for complex utility systems. The space beneath the raised floor serves as a plenum, providing easy access to manage and maintain essential services. This accessibility not only simplifies the installation and maintenance of utilities but also allows for quick reconfigurations or updates without major disruptions to the overall space. Dream Interior’s Raised Flooring solutions are engineered to meet the specific requirements of modern workplaces, where the seamless integration of technology is essential for optimal functionality.

In addition to its functional benefits, Raised Flooring contributes to a cleaner and more aesthetic workspace. Cables and wiring are neatly concealed beneath the raised panels, eliminating unsightly clutter and trip hazards. The elevated floor surface also provides an opportunity for creating a visually appealing environment. Dream Interior offers a range of finishes and materials for the raised panels, allowing for customization that aligns with the overall design aesthetics of the space. Whether it’s a contemporary office, a tech-centric data center, or a collaborative workspace, Raised Flooring by Dream Interior enhances both form and function.

Raised Flooring in Karachi
Raised Flooring in Pakistan
Cementitious Raised Flooring​

Cementitious Raised Flooring

Dream Interior presents Cementitious Raised Flooring, a robust and versatile solution for modern commercial spaces and data centers. This type of raised flooring system consists of solid cement panels supported by a sturdy grid structure, providing a durable and high-performance surface above the original floor level. Cementitious Raised Flooring is known for its exceptional load-bearing capacity, making it ideal for environments where heavy equipment, servers, and infrastructure need to be accommodated. The durability and strength of cement panels ensure a reliable foundation for technology infrastructure while offering a seamless and organized appearance.

One of the key advantages of Cementitious Raised Flooring is its resistance to environmental factors and wear. The cement panels are highly durable and provide excellent protection against moisture, ensuring a long-lasting solution for spaces prone to humidity or fluctuating conditions. Dream Interior’s Cementitious Raised Flooring solutions are engineered to meet the stringent requirements of data centers, server rooms, and other critical facilities where the stability of the raised floor is paramount. The solid construction of cementitious panels also contributes to enhanced fire resistance, adding an extra layer of safety to spaces where technology infrastructure is housed.

Wooden Raised Flooring

Dream Interior introduces Wooden Raised Flooring, a sophisticated and aesthetically pleasing solution that combines the warmth of natural wood with the practicality of a raised access flooring system. This innovative flooring solution consists of wooden panels supported by a robust grid structure, creating an elevated surface above the original floor level. Wooden Raised Flooring provides a seamless blend of functionality and design, making it an ideal choice for contemporary office spaces, executive suites, and upscale commercial environments. The wooden panels not only offer a luxurious and timeless aesthetic but also contribute to a comfortable and inviting atmosphere.

The use of natural wood in Raised Flooring adds a touch of elegance and warmth to any space. Dream Interior’s Wooden Raised Flooring solutions come in a variety of wood species, finishes, and grains, allowing for customization that aligns with the overall design vision of the space. This versatility makes Wooden Raised Flooring suitable for a range of applications, from classic and traditional settings to modern and minimalist interiors. The elevated wooden surface conceals the underlying infrastructure, providing a clean and organized appearance, while the natural variations in the wood enhance the overall visual richness of the environment.

Wooden Raised Flooring​
Calcium Sulfate Raised Flooring​

Calcium Sulfate Raised Flooring

Dream Interior presents Calcium Sulfate Raised Flooring, a highly versatile and resilient solution for modern commercial spaces and technology-centric environments. This raised flooring system consists of solid calcium sulfate panels supported by a sturdy grid structure, offering exceptional load-bearing capabilities and durability. Calcium sulfate panels provide a stable and robust foundation for servers, heavy equipment, and infrastructure, making it an ideal choice for data centers, server rooms, and other facilities where structural integrity is crucial. The inherent strength of calcium sulfate ensures long-term stability, making it a reliable solution for spaces requiring a solid and durable raised floor.

One of the key benefits of Calcium Sulfate Raised Flooring is its excellent fire resistance and thermal properties. The calcium sulfate core possesses inherent fire-retardant qualities, enhancing the safety features of spaces housing critical infrastructure. Dream Interior’s Calcium Sulfate Raised Flooring solutions are engineered to meet strict safety standards, providing a secure and dependable environment for sensitive equipment. The thermal conductivity of calcium sulfate also contributes to efficient temperature control within the space, making it an energy-efficient choice for environments where maintaining optimal operating conditions is paramount.

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